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  • Evolution

    How To Use Your Own Body To Find Proof Of Evolution!

    Okay, okay – we know some people don’t get on board with the whole idea of evolution and opt more for the religious ‘creationism’ argument for how we all got here. And we respect that. But let’s get a little scientific for a moment and look into the evolutionary theory. It says that we’re all […]

  • Planet X

    Scientists Discover New Hidden Planet In Our Solar System!

    Astronomers have incredibly discovered an as-yet-unfound NINTH PLANET in our solar system. It’s been dubbed ‘Planet X‘, it’s about the size of Neptune and it’s hidden behind Pluto. It’s thought to orbit the sun once every 15,000 years. There’s no concrete proof of Planet X yet as no pictures have been taken, but scientists are […]

  • LSD

    Have a Safe Trip! How LSD Can Cure Insomnia And Anxiety…

    ‘How to cure insomnia?’ ‘How to cure anxiety?’ If you suffer from either of these afflictions, you’ll have no doubt sought the answers to these questions. But would you ever have imagined that the answers may lay in powerful hallucinogenic drugs? Probably not… In one of the more interesting stories we’ve come across from the […]

  • Tsunamis

    Scientists Predict ‘Mega-Tsunami’ Could Kill Us All…

    A ‘mega-tsunami’ could be heading our way soon and could be of such biblicial proportions that we’d all face extinction. A 1,000ft wave swept across the Earth 73,000 years ago. A volcano on the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa set that particular tsunami going and many scientists say we’re due another one. This ancient effort saw […]

  • baby head reattached

    Toddler Has Head Successfully Re-Attached To Body After Near-Deadly Car Accident

    This is Jackson Taylor. Recently the 16-month-old Australian was traveling in a car along with his mother and 9-year-old sister when they collided with a vehicle going more than 70 MPH. Little Jackson’s chances of survival were slim. As a result of the crash, Taylor suffered an “internal decapitation” meaning his head was severed from […]

  • Mars

    Leaked Footage May Just Prove Man Has Already Walked On Mars

    With Ridley Scott’s Matt Damon-starring movie The Martian dominating the box office and NASA’s recent admission that they may well have found water on Mars (fueling speculation that life could exist there), everyone’s talking about the red planet at the moment. Well, talk is even more rife after the video we’ve got for you here […]

  • Stephen Hawking

    Prof. Stephen Hawking Warns Earth – Aliens May ‘Conquer And Colonize’ Us

    Professor Stephen Hawking has, as he’s often said, tackled the mysteries of the universe his entire life. And mysteries don’t get a lot bigger than the question that’s plagued mankind since we evolved… Are we alone? Well, the world’s most famous theoretical physicist is certain that aliens exist. And not just that – he suspects that one […]