WATCH: 6,000 Matches Being Lit At Once – The Most Mesmerizing Thing You’ve Ever Seen…


Why light one match when you can light six thousand matches, huh? Well, because it’s costly and time consuming and weird and you don’t have that matches on you. But if you did? It’d be fun, wouldn’t it? Well, yeah. Not only that, but it’d be pretty darn hypnotic too. And we’ve got the proof for you right here!

The guys over at HTD decided to see what would happen when you group six thousand matches together and light ’em up. Even though they were indoors and had the whole thing on a wooden kitchen top (they live on the edge, these guys…).

The fellas behind this neat little video are calling them ‘Fire Dominoes‘ and we can see why. This amazing match chain reaction really is quite beautifully hypnotic. We think you’re gonna dig this:

Got a taste for it? Here’s some more awesome fire domino action for you:

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