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    Faceplant MMA KO

    Wily MMA Fighter Uses INGENIOUS Faceplant KO Technique!

    It’s clever, it’s effective, it’s a fight winner. It’s the faceplant KO that’s going viral. Quick-thinking MMA fighter Luis Raul Alvarez has seemingly reinvented the knockout. And people are going wild for it! In what was a hectic blow-for-blow exchange, Alvarez produced a stunning KO from out of nowhere. And we’ve got it here for you […]

  • muhhamad ali

    Muhammad Ali’s 10 Most Awe-Inspiring Knockouts #4…WOW

    This weekend saw the sad passing of Muhammad Ali. The boxer, formerly known as Cassius Clay, was probably the most iconic sportsman on the planet. From his conversion to Islam to his burning of his draft card, Ali rocked conservative 1960s America, and featured in two of the most epic sporting moments of history – […]

  • Baseball

    Hero Dad Saves Son After Baseball Bat Flies Into The Crowd

    A baseball game almost took a disastrous turn this weekend when a bat flew into the crowd and nearly hit a small boy right in the face. It was a near miss of epic proportions at the the Pittsburgh Pirates Vs. Atlanta Braves spring training game after a Pittsburgh player lost his grip and the baseball bat span into the stands. But luckily for […]

  • Horse Dance

    She Rides In On Her Horse – But When She Removes Her Cape? She Stuns EVERYONE!

    Have you ever heard of ‘Freestyle Reining’? No? Well, it’s a horse riding sport that draws quite the audience. Especially at the 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup. The World Freestyle Reining title was up for grabs and going for gold were an impressive line-up of competitors and horses. Among them was Laura Sumrall… Laura’s Frozen-inspired routine saw her […]

  • Choon Tan

    Meet Choon Tan, One Of The World’s Smallest Bodybuilders… At 4ft 10in

    Standing just 4ft 10in, Choon Ta is – as you might imagine – a noticeably short man. But he doesn’t let that get to him. In fact, he’s chasing his dream. And he’s nearly caught up with it… Tan is Britain’s smallest bodybuilder, measuring in at under five foot tall. He suffers from a rare genetic […]

  • basketball1

    Player Yells At Disabled Opponent. What Happens Next Makes The Crowd Go WILD

    The news is full of negative stories at the moment. Indeed, it can often seem that there’s no good left in the world at all. But that’s not the case, as the following video shows. Meet young Mitchell Marcus. Mitchell has learning and developmental difficulties. From a very early age, Mitchell was a basketball fanatic. […]

  • ronda2

    Ronda Rousey Responds To US Marine’s Invite To The Ball

    In a video that’s now been viewed more than four million times and has spread like wildfire to all corners of the Internet, US Marine Jarrod Hash cheekily asked UFC champion Ronda Rousey if she would do him the honor of accompanying him to the Marine Corps Ball on the 11th Decemeber. Here’s Jarrod’s original […]

  • Cheerleaders

    Impressive Cheerleader Routine Goes CRAZY At 0:46 – This Is Unforgettable!

    An Arizona Rattlers game in the Arena Football League. The cheerleading squad, The Sidewinders, are giving one of their patented shows. Amazing choreography, smart dance moves and an all-round impressive performance. But less than a minute into it, something truly incredible happens… At around the 48 second mark, someone strolls onto the pitch to join […]

  • UFC Marines

    UFC Fighters Vs Marines – Someone’s Getting Taught a Lesson!

    On the street or in a bar – at home or in a parking lot… Violence has no place anywhere, really. Fighting isn’t cool. People get hurt. But sometimes it’s necessary, though. In combat, for instance. And when it comes to combat, you don’t get many organizations more adept than the US Marine Corps. The […]

  • Gymnastic Monpellier 2011

    It Looked It Was Just Going To Be Another Dance Routine Until… WOW!

    Gymnastics is one of the most disciplined sports on the planet. It requires a tremendous amount of practice, agility, determination, resilience and training. So when you see anyone performing a gymnastics routine on television at a world event – whatever the discipline – you know that they’ve had to work super hard. And so it […]