Player Yells At Disabled Opponent. What Happens Next Makes The Crowd Go WILD


The news is full of negative stories at the moment. Indeed, it can often seem that there’s no good left in the world at all. But that’s not the case, as the following video shows. Meet young Mitchell Marcus. Mitchell has learning and developmental difficulties. From a very early age, Mitchell was a basketball fanatic. Whenever his mom, Amy, asked him what he wanted for his birthday and Christmas, he always wanted basketball stuff. So it was no surprise when, after starting at Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas, Mitchell was eager to get on the team.

Recognizing that being a part of the team would be a positive step both for Mitchell himself and the other players, coach Peter Morales eagerly agreed. Mitchell was welcomed to the Thunderbirds, and was soon the team’s favorite member and most enthusiastic supporter.

“He’s just an amazing person that our basketball team loves being around,” Morales told reporters.

On the last game of the season, Morales decided it was time for Mitchell to ‘suit up’ and finally play for the team. Due to his difficulties, he wasn’t the greatest player on the court, fumbling pass after pass. As time ticked away, it looked like Mitchell’s game would end in failure. That was, until a member of the opposing team called out the boy’s name and threw him the ball. With only seconds to spare, what happened next was truly amazing. Watch this heartwarming, life-affirming video to see what happens when one tiny act of sportsmanship changes a young man’s life forever.

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