Here’s A Reason To Buy A Playstation 4… Crash Bandicoot Is BACK

He was one of our favorite video game characters ever. Appearing in his own hugely playable (and, let’s face it – ADDICTIVE) games, Crash Bandicoot was the man. Or fox or whatever. Bandicoot? Is that an animal? Whatever. The thing we’re trying to say is that he was cool. And now he’s back!

Crash Bandicoot: The N’Sane Trilogy will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 at some point in early 2017.

It’s not really due to be a ‘new’ game so much as a ‘remaster’, but they’re putting lots of time and energy and effort into – it looks to be something worth buying, anyway.


Originally developed by the good people behind the likes of Uncharted and The Last of Us (Naughty Dog), this new remaster is to now being taken on by Vicarious Visions. But they transition should be fine, according to insiders.


The look, sound effects and gameplay will all stay the same or similar. But the big upgrade? The visuals…


Check out the new footage and get excited…