The Final Goodbye: Couple On Life Support Spend Last Moments Together


In a tragic series of events, a husband and wife ended up in ICU at the same time. Jim Minnini, 58, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and as his condition worsened, he was admitted to hospital. Just one day later his wife Cindy, had a heart attack and was admitted to a a hospital in Brockville, Ontario. In finding out that her husband was terminally ill at Kingston General Hospital, also in Ontario, doctors transferred Cindy to be with her husband through his last days.

Even though Cindy was sedated and unconscious, she was able to be with her husband on his last day on Earth, after being married for 24 years. Their son Chris, talks about the experience:

“When my dad found out that he was going, he was stiff faced and shook his head. But when he found out that my mom was in the next room in the ICU, he started bawling.”

Jimmi and Cindy Last Moment

Jim And Cindy In ICU

Chris took photos of his parents’ final moment together so that his mom would know that she was with her soul mate when he passed. After the picture was taken, Jim held his wife.

“He was there as long as he could be physically, until his body started to shut down and they needed to take him back.”

Jimmi and Cindy

Sadly, Jim passed away a few hours later. Cindy is at home recovering and says that the pictures of the couple together has helped her to find closure. “He would have just kept hanging on. He wouldn’t have left if he hadn’t been able to say goodbye to her,'” Chris said.

R.I.P Jim Minnini.

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