Snake Swallows Entire Wallaby (And Her Joey…) Whole

Kuranda, Queensland, Australia. Now, we all know that that country is madness when it comes to nature. We brought you a snake eating another snake recently and thought that was crazy. But it gets more insane, apparently… Here we see a snake eating a fully-grown WALLABY!

Worse still? The wallaby has a little baby joey in its pouch. Animal lover Bernie Worsfold caught the scene and did attempt to rescue the wallaby and then her joey, but couldn’t. It’s upsetting, sure. But it’s nature. The snake’s gotta eat…

And, to be fair, good on Bernie. We wouldn’t be interrupting a snake like this as it chows down on dinner for fear of being dessert!

Snake Eats Wallaby

What’s that horse doing?!

Snake Eats Wallaby

Nature. No chill.

Snake Eats Wallaby

Only in Australia!