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    You Won’t Believe These Hot Guys Were Actually Born Female

    For most of us, we’ll never fully understand the inner turmoil felt by people who were ‘born in the wrong body’. While most people have sympathy and empathy for people who identify as transgender, the true feelings involved will be mostly alien to us. But what’s not alien? Knowing when someone’s hot or not!

    The transition from one gender to another can be a very long and drawn-out process with many, many psychological evaluations, surgeries and courses of hormone therapy. Though it’s always one which the person is prepared to commit to, because they know how life changing the process will eventually be. But many transitioning transgender people must wonder, ‘will I look hot once I’ve fully swapped genders?’ Hey, it’s a perfectly natural question, right? Right.

    Well, we thought we bring you this excellent video which shows us ten amazing examples of really cute guys who were born female. They’re all so brave… And good-looking!


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