Wait ‘Til You See The New ‘Throwable Fire Extinguishers’ – They AMAZING!


Elide Fire Balls. They’re just awesome. Throwable fire extinguishers that cut the risk of injury to firefighters, they’re real clever. The idea isn’t a new one, the basic principle having existed for over a century, but the design? Brand new. And more effective than ever before.

‘What’s wrong with the current design?’ We hear you ask. Well, not a huge amount. They’re a reliable design. But they can sometimes malfunction. And they do require someone to stand near a fire and blast it with foam or liquid. And it’s usual a member of the public or non-trained person.

We know which one we’d rather have access to in the event of a fire. Just watch this demonstration from Elide – their Fire Ball is a spectacular invention. We’re sure you’ll agree…