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  • Stephen Hawking

    Prof. Stephen Hawking Warns Earth – Aliens May ‘Conquer And Colonize’ Us

    Professor Stephen Hawking has, as he’s often said, tackled the mysteries of the universe his entire life. And mysteries don’t get a lot bigger than the question that’s plagued mankind since we evolved… Are we alone? Well, the world’s most famous theoretical physicist is certain that aliens exist. And not just that – he suspects that one […]

  • alienlightthumb

    Rocket Or ALIENS? Eerie Footage Of Light In The Sky Baffles Science

    This amazing new footage has emerged recently, and it’s causing quite a bit of heated debate on the Internet. The video shows a strange light in the sky near Cape Canaveral in Florida. The light appears to expand as it shoots across the sky, causing an eerie, ghostly effect that many people – both experts […]

  • Octopus

    Don’t Freak Out Here But Scientists Claim Octopuses Might Be… ALIENS!

    After a comprehensive study of their DNA and genetic make-up, scientists are now saying that octopuses (it’s not ‘octopi’, okay?) are basically aliens… Yep, really. Mapping of the cephalopod genome sequence for the very first time shows that the eight-legged sea creatures have 33,000 protein-coding genes. That’s a huge number more than us humans – […]

  • NASA New Planet

    NASA Discover ‘Earth 2.0’ – A Planet That Can Sustain Life…

    Astronomers and cosmologists working for NASA have found what they’re calling ‘Earth 2.0’, a planet that’s being described as ‘Earth’s twin’. The most exciting thing about this new discovery? It’s the closet and most exciting indication as yet that there’s extra-terrestrial life out there in the universe. It’s called ‘Kepler 452b (catchy, huh?) and it’s 60% […]