Abused Dog Is Stroked For First Time And It’s More Heart Breaking Than You Can Imagine


Breasta-Craiova, Romania. Dog lover and rescue Monica Mitreanu has taken on her hardest project yet. Priscilla. A cute name for a terrified dog. Terrified, but not terrifying. Priscilla is gorgeous, but as she’s taken into the kennels in Romania, one thing quickly becomes very clear to everyone, not least Monica… Priscilla has never seen any love or affection. She’s never even been stroked.

As the carers treated her like any other of the hundreds of rescue dogs they’ve saved, the dog’s crazy reaction lets them all know that they’ve got a big mission on their hands. To fix up the pooch physically is one thing, but to get her on track mentally, that’s another thing.

But everyone at the kennels is determined to help out this terribly abused dog. To have never been stroked when you’re a dog as cute as this, well, it’s a crime. So they’ve slowly but surely introduce Priscilla to affection and being petted. And the change is quite something…