This Blind Patient Asks The Nurse To Look Out The Window, What She Sees Will Melt Your Heart


Nobody likes being in hospital. They’re oftentimes dreary places where patients spend many tedious hours whiling away the time in bed with very little to do but stare into space or look out of the window. Imagine, then, how much worse a stay in a hospital would be if you were blind? In this touching video from Spirit Clips, that is the fate of one patient. Luckily he forms a bond with the patient in the next bed, who tells him what is happening in the park he can see from the window of the hospital room the two share. The patient who can see tells the blind man about a young couple he often sees meeting in the park. It’s a love story, and one the blind man is eager to hear about.

However, before the love story can reach a conclusion, the blind man one day finds himself alone in the hospital room. A nurse comes in to make up the bed. His friend, it seems, is gone. The blind man asks the nurse what she can see in the park beneath the window. She opens the blind and looks out of the window.

What she tells the blind man next will melt your heart …

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