When He Sees a Kid In Trouble This Guy Makes Sure The Bully Gets What’s Coming…


About one in every four children in the United States is bullied regularly. It’s stunning to think that a quarter of our young people are having their lives ruined by the negative actions of others. And when you consider the levels of stress, depression and suicides in youngsters that can be tied in with this worrying epidemic, it brings the issue of bullying even sharper into focus. The situation needs addressing. And fast.

YouTube filmmaker and social experiment extraordinaire DennisCeeTV has devised a test for random members of the public to see how likely people are to step in and help out a little boy who is clearly being harassed by a bigger, older kid.

And the results? Uplifting! Almost every single person who was exposed to the bullying scenario got involved, stood up for the little kid and gave the ‘bully’ a dressing down. It’s good to see that people do care.

How would you have reacted…?