‘Cyclops’ Baby Exposed To Radiation In Womb Is Born With One Central Eye

Cyclops baby

A heart-rendering picture of a poor newborn baby born with one eye has been released by medical experts in Egypt. The eye is central to the face, giving a ‘Cyclops’-like appearance to the unfortunate child, who isn’t expected to live much past the first week of its life.

The baby was born with a whole host of other mutations and deformities – including ‘Cyclopia’ – and it’s thought to be due to exposure to radiation inside the womb or due to a combination of different medicines taken by the mother during pregnancy.

Cyclops baby

The initial pregnancy scan didn’t show up too much in the way of abnormalities, so doctors were unsure as to the level of deformity until birth. As many as four in every thousand children suffer the ‘one eyed’ condition, but almost none go to full term, making this birth very unusual indeed.

Cyclops baby

The parents are due to receive therapy and support, while the poor baby – as we say – isn’t expected to live past the next few days. Our hearts go out to all involved.