This Man Jumps Off a Swing… And Over a HOUSE!


Damien Walters is a British stuntman, gymnast, parkour practitioner and all-round crazy man. He’s got a huge following online, particularly on YouTube. And it’s not hard to see why – the man’s phenomenally talented. There doesn’t seem to be much that he’s unwilling to try out. And most of the time? He succeeds.

But his latest feat almost beggars belief. If we told you that a man was going to jump off a swing (remember how you used to as a kid?) and over A HOUSE, you’d never believe us, would you? And we wouldn’t blame you. But that’s just what Walters does in this video…

With the assistance of a couple of friends, a Russian swing and some sheer athletic genius, he manages it. Get ready because you’re about to see something amazing!