Doctor Rushes To Catch Baby As Mom Suddenly Gives Birth With Tremendous Force!


This is a truly remarkable story. It was told to the TLC show The Untold Stories of the Emergency Room and it’s all about a very unusual birth indeed! One that the mom, doctors – and soon you – will never be able to forget…

Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Jr. recalls the scene at his hospital’s emergency room in San Pedro, California. It was back in 2005. He was dealing with a gunshot victim and the ER was manic. Suddenly he hears loud footsteps getting quicker and quicker. A colleague of his running… Why? Well, he’s spotted a pregnant woman on the ER is about to give birth… NOW!

As he runs and finally makes it to the woman, the baby is born, popping right up into the air for the doctor to catch. It’s an incredible story – check it out: