Girl Sings The Opera From Fifth Element Considered Humanly Impossible


Something truly incredible happened on the Russian version of The Voice recently. A young girl called Victoria Hovhannisyan gave an absolutely unbelievable performance of a song from the Luc Besson sci-fi movie The Fifth Element. It’s an operatic song that many consider to be virtually impossible to sing…

Called ‘Il dolce suono’, it’s a crazy hard song to perform. The range in pitch needed almost defies human capability. You’ll see it when she sings (and hear it, of course). This is talent that’s just off the scale!

Yet somehow this thirteen year-old prodigy pulls it off. And with aplomb. Even if you can’t really appreciate tone and pitch, you’ll be able to identify that it’s a breath-taking performance. You can see by the amazing reactions from the judges that they know they’ve uncovered something special. Watch and be impressed!