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    Harrison Ford Totally DESTROYS A Star Wars Fan’s Lego Millennium Falcon

    It seems as though we’ve not really heard much anywhere recently that isn’t Star Wars related. With Star War: The Force Awakens hitting the box office in a big way, it’s been all over the TV, internet and radio. There’s been a hype about JJ Abrams’ reboot which is like no other movie franchise. And, with so many million fans across the world, it’s easy to see why.

    While lots of characters in The Force Awakens are new to the universe of Star Wars, many are old faces. Harrison Ford returns as Han Solo and he’s been on the promotional trail recently, hitting up all the big television chat shows. The latest? Conan O’Brien. And his appearance was as shocking as it was funny!

    In the skit, Conan introduces Harrison to his pal and colleague, the HUGE Star Wars superfan Jordan Schlansky. Jordan wants to show the veteran actor his priceless Lego Millennium Falcon. But the viewing doesn’t quite go to plan when Ford ‘accidentally’ smashes it on the floor!


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