He Mixes Up A Paste Using a Common Ingredient… Next? The Whitest Teeth EVER!


What do you use to clean your teeth? A toothbrush and toothpaste, right? Sure. We all do. But is it really the best thing to use, toothpaste? It contains fluoride, after all. And there are a few cons to an intake of fluoride. So what’s the alternative? Well, it’s something you probably have kicking around the back of your cupboard from that time you tried to cook a curry from scratch… Turmeric!

Seems strange, doesn’t it? An orange powdered spice as toothpaste. But bear with us. Mixed up with coconut oil and peppermint oil, you’ve got yourself a gloopy mixture you can go right ahead and pour onto your brush. If you’ve ever wondered how to whiten your teeth the natural way, then this is it! We love this excellent life hack.

Not only does this clever mixture help to whiten your gnashers, it also helps combat gum reddening and gingivitis, promotes fresh breath and can even help prevent gum disease. All that and – above all – it’s natural! Find out more about turmeric toothpaste:

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