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    Magicians Hijack News Report With Incredible Body-Shrinking Trick!

    Westminster, London. Sky News’s Ashish Joshi is reporting live from outside of the grandiose Houses of Parliament. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his government, are seeking to reform the National Health Service (For our American readers: In the UK, medical care is free at the point of service. They don’t force poor people to pay for their healthcare.) Opposition MPs are against many of the reforms, which have been debated heavily in parliament. Ashish is on hand to describe to viewers what the latest developments are at the Palace of Westminster. But, wait? What on earth is going on in the background.

    Well, innovative, up and coming magicians Young & Strange (Penn and Teller they ain’t) have photobombed the report to perform an incredible body-shrinking illusion. As the pair perform the trick, Joshi is totally oblivious to what is going on behind him, and continues with his report with gusto. However, the pair provide such an incredible distraction that you’ll soon stop listening to his words.

    Watch the video below:

    It was boring anyway. Trust me.


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