When He Started To Play A Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ On The Piano, My Jaw Hit The Floor!


This is Bence Peter from Boston, Massachusetts. As well as being a talented pianist, composer and music producer, he happens to be the current holder of the title of ‘World’s Fastest Piano Player’ in the Guinness Book of Records. And in this extraordinary video, he more than lives up to that title! In the video he’s arranged Michael Jackson’s iconic 1987 smash hit single ‘Bad’ for piano. There are a lot of talented piano players out there, but this is in a whole other league. Throwing in a bit of Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ for good measure – because, hey, why not! – Peter’s speed, style and skill is breathtaking to behold. It’s almost hard to believe just how talented this young man is.

Believe it or not, it’s already been six years since the King of Pop left us. We’re sure if he were still around today, he’d be raising a sequined-glove hand and giving young Bence a thumbs up for this incredible performance.

Now, where’s the number for America’s Got Talent!