The New Cellphone Craze Among Teens That Will Terrify You!


We feel officially old after having heard about this. Normally when a new fashion, trend or craze kicks off we can kind of understand it, if not actually enjoy doing it ourselves. But the latest fad doing the rounds with teenagers? No way!

It’s called ‘Phone Pinching’. Youngsters film each other holding their cellphones at the top just between their thumbs and index finger (which is where the ‘pinching part comes in’). They then precariously dangle the expensive piece of technology over something like an elevator shaft, balcony or subway grate. One tiny false move and BAM! Say goodbye to your phone…

You can see the trendsetters, the band Twenty One Pilots, doing it on the video below. Let’s hope, for the wallets and sanity of a million parents that phone pinching doesn’t catch on too much, huh?!