Friday, September 24, 2021

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Two Puppies Fall Into A Snake Pit… How The King Cobra Reacts? UNBELIEVABLE!

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Punjab, India. A pair of sensational photographs have emerged which have taken the internet by storm. The snaps show a couple of puppies which have seemingly fallen down a well. But the well appears to double as a SNAKE PIT. Two tiny dogs down there with what appears to be a HUGE King Cobra

Your first instinct is panic as you assume that the puppies were destined to die down there. After all, King Cobras are notoriously deadly creatures that are highly poisonous. But the snake didn’t attack either dog. In fact, some onlookers swore than the snake was seemingly protecting the dogs until they could be rescued.

Despite their fearsome reputation and deadly abilities, cobras are actually usually quite shy and only attack when provoked.

Here are the incredible pictures:

Dog Snake


Dog Snake

Who’d have thought it?

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