Don’t Throw Extended Lighters Away – Follow This Clever Tip To Reuse Them!


You know those long-handled, disposable BIC lighters you get for lighting barbecues, gas fires/hobs/stoves or out-of-reach candles? If you use them as frequently as we do, you’ll have noticed just how darn quickly they run out. It seems a shame to just throw the whole thing away though, just because it’s run out of butane gas, doesn’t it? Sure, they’re called ‘disposable’, but the thing still works…

Well, with this clever little life hack, you needn’t chuck your long tip lighters when they run dry. You can reuse them simply and easily. All you need to know is how! And we’re about to show you.

After watching this quick tutorial, you’ll never need to buy another extended reach lighter again (well, not for some time, anyway…). Watch. Remember. Wow your pals at your next BBQ!