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    A Starving Dog Jumped Into A Stranger’s Car, Changing Her Life Forever

    There is little more heartwarming than a tale of a rescued and rehabilitated stray dog. The transformation from frail creature to energetic companion is the perfect rag to riches story. Here is one such anecdote.

    This is Kelsey. Kelsey was found abandoned, covered in filth, mange, and scabs. She had been a homeless stray for a number of years, existing merely on scrounged food. However, the kindness of a stranger transformed her life completely.

    Starving Dog 1

    When she was found, Kelsey had lost her entire coat, and was covered in sores and sunburn. She was also extremely malnourished.

    Starving Dog 2 When Kelsey was found, she immediately jumped into the strangers car, which was where her incredible transformation began.

    Starving Dog 3

    Kelsey was taken straight to a rescue center where staff quickly started to work on her recuperation.

    Starving Dog 4

    Despite the staff working around the clock, they knew that Kelsey would take a while to get back to full health.

    Starving Dog 5

    Despite her desperate condition, Kelsey was still a total cutie!

    Starving Dog 6

    Slowly, her skin began to improve, and she started regrowing her coat.
    Starving Dog 7

    She also began to make new friends, as she was reintroduced to other dogs.

    Starving Dog 8

    After her fur grew back completely, she didn’t even look like the same dog!

    Starving Dog 9

    And after years of living on the streets, Kelsey loved her new dog bed.

    Starving Dog 10

    Then the transformation was complete. From near death and homelessness to full health and loving owners.

    Starving Dog 11

    What an incredible journey!


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