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This Old Man Is Marrying A 12 Year-Old Girl… How The People Of New York React? Perfect

It's thought that an almost unbelievable figure of more than 33,000 girls under the age of sixteen years old are married across the world...

Angry Man Attacks Woman For Breastfeeding In Public

It seems as though, in the age of social media and public outrage, that there's a new controversial topic to be discussed and debated...

Shocking Money Suit Social Experiment! Take What You NEED!

How much money do you need? Like, really need? We don't mean how much do you wish you had in the bank? We mean...

When He Sees a Kid In Trouble This Guy Makes Sure The Bully Gets What’s Coming…

About one in every four children in the United States is bullied regularly. It's stunning to think that a quarter of our young people...

The Dangers of Trick or Treating – What Would Your Child Do?

When you have children, you have a real obligation and duty to do the best for them and look after them. In today's day...


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