Automatic ‘Snake’ Charger Plugs Into Electric Tesla Cars In The Creepiest Way…


The Tesla Model S is a ‘premium performance saloon’ car. But its premium performance isn’t powered by gas, like most vehicles. It runs on electricity. And, as with all electric cars at the moment, it requires frequent recharging. Roughly every 310 miles or so. It only takes an owner to forget to plug in one night for the battery to be dead and them to be left with a car that’s not able to get them to work or pick up the kids…

At least it used to be like that. Tesla have thought about that problem and come up with a rather clever solution. Clever, but ultimately creepy. They’ve designed a prototype for an automatic charger that is capable of finding the charging port entirely on its own.

The charger is effectively a solid, twisting ‘snake’-style device which can worm itself into position and dock all by itself in the most odd, but impressive way. Seeing this thing in action might well just convinced you that the future is here. And it’s automatically twisting itself into today.

Check it out: