He Pours Vinegar Down The Drain… Why? Ingenious!


To maintain a clean and sparkling home, most of us use dozens of different chemicals and artificial liquids and potions, don’t we? Cleaning products are often pretty expensive too. If only there was a cheaper and more natural alternative to cleaning things up… Well, there is! Humble vinegar.

Not only that but it has a whole heap of other uses around your home. The video below runs you through ten of the best vinegar life hacks. Which are:

1. Unclogging drains.
2. Removing the residue left by adhesive.
3. Getting rid of terrible smells.
4. Use as a DIY cleaning product.
5. A clever DIY fruit fly trap.
6. Removing wrinkles from clothing.
7. Preventing pets from scratching household items.
8. Making your flowers last longer.
9. Cleaning your glasses.
10. Removing baked-on stuff from frying pans.

If you’re keen to see how you can do one or more of these with vinegar, then check out this ingenious instructional video: