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    These Are The DUMBEST Ways Anyone’s Ever Died… #2 Is Just CRAZY!

    Dying is not a pleasant thing. No one really likes to think or talk about death. But, when the passing on is so downright bizarre or unbelievable, it’s almost impossible not to. List obsessives AllTime10s, fresh from giving us a countdown of the Top Ten Craziest Bank Robberies Ever are back. This time to run us through the ultimate ten ‘Dumbest Ways To Die’.

    These strange deaths are also known as ‘Darwin Awards’. The Darwin Awards are tongue-in-cheek. They officially recognize individuals who have, as they say, ‘contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.’ In other words, their deaths were so insane, that they count as irrefutable proof of the person’s stupidity. Their death means they can’t reproduce. Which is good for the overall good of humanity and society. A little harsh, but we get their point!

    From testing your own stab-proof vest to falling off a cliff after jumping up and down excitedly after a marriage proposal, these deaths are all very, very odd indeed. Here’s the countdown for you:


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