Visit The Place Where The Weather Is Always ‘HOT’!


Television in foreign countries is often very strange, isn’t it? Have you noticed that? Sure, they are cultural differences between a lot of different countries. But it’s just really obvious when you switch on a TV set abroad. Take Eastern Europe for instance. And, specifically, Romania. Weather reports over there are unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of seeing on the box where you live…

Seriously. We’re used to occasionally having attractive women present the weather, but over there? It’s ridiculous. Now, we’re not saying that Roxana Vancea doesn’t have a deep understanding of meteorology, far from it. She might well be an expert in her field. But that’s not why viewers tune in regularly.

Watch this video of her presenting a weather report and see if you can guess why she’s quite a popular figure in Romania. Don’t write in – there are no prizes for getting it right!

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