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    8 Bizarre, Unexplained Images Sent Back By The Mars Curiosity Rover

    The mysteries of the universe. As time goes by, it seems as though we learn more of them every day. But for every answer than science seems to throw our way, they also chuck in a hundred questions.

    We’re learning more about Mars now than ever before, all thanks to the rover NASA have landed on the Red Planet called ‘Curiosity’. Millions of images have been beamed back from Curiosity to Earth, each of which is helping to fill in some informational blanks for scientists and astronomy experts.

    But a few photos have come back which are very strange indeed. Let’s start with a snap that’s made many people think there’s something fishy going on over on Mars…

    ‘The Crab’

    Mars Pictures

    This weird crustacean-type creature was found in one of the pictures and had the internet abuzz with explanations and theories. We don’t know what it is, but it’s certainly pretty creepy.


    ‘The Woman’


    This scary-looking figure was seen in one of the Rover’s pictures and clearly looks like a woman in a dress.


    Cigarette butts?

    Mars Pictures

    Rover took some snaps of the ground as it drove over the surface of the moon. But what’s that next to the wheel? Cigarette ends! How did they get there?!



    Mars Pictures

    Has someone graffiti-tagged the Mars with the initials ‘USA’? It certainly looks as if they might have done.


    Is that… Dickbutt?!

    Mars Pictures

    Now things are getting a little silly. Here’s ‘Dickbutt’ making an appearance.


    Pluto on Mars???

    Mars Pictures

    And even weirder than Dickbutt? Pluto making an appearance. On Mars. We know Pluto isn’t very big, but this takes the biscuit.


    Nessie??? What the…

    Mars Pictures

    The Loch Ness Monster. On Mars. We’re starting to suspect some of these pictures.


    Riiiiight. There’s an Arby’s on Mars.

    Mars Pictures

    Oh dear.

    The first two are very interesting and intriguing. The others, though? We’re not so convinced!


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