The Craziest Bank Robberies EVER: #5 Is Just Insane!


For most us, the only way to raise money to go on vacation with, pay our mortgage or clear our debts is to keep on slogging away at work and collecting up money the old-fashioned way. But if you don’t mind waving a gun around and risking decades in jail, there are other ways. Like robbing a bank! Although that said, you don’t always have to use a weapon. Some bank heists see the criminals getting surprisingly creative. AllTime10s have come up with ten of the most insane bank robberies ever. And some of them are just beyond weird…

Bombs, Craigslist ads, Santa Claus outfits, blind guys, this list starts out odd and just gets more bizarre with every entry. We don’t condone crime in any way, shape or form here, but you have to admire some of the sheer creativeness behind a lot of these madcap plans. Admittedly, hardly any of them got away with it, so the plans weren’t that great. But they’re certainly insane!

And we thought robbing a bank with a love toy was crazy! Check out the Top 10 Most Insane Bank robberies right here:

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