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  • Dog That Talks

    He Tells His Dog That He Ate All The Food – The Dog’s Response? PRICELESS!

    Pets can be very communicative, can’t they? Their facial expressions, noises and body language. Just the way they act speaks volumes. But what if they could actually speak volumes? In this video, Canadian video maker and musician Andrew Grantham imagines his dog can talk. And the results are freaking hilarious! The Talking Animals series sees a few […]

  • Pit Bull

    Locked In a Cage For 2 Years, This Pit Bull Is Finally Free And Feeling Loved!

    Second Chance Rescue out of Cairo, Georgia are a dog rescue center dedicated to saving and caring for unwanted, abandoned and badly treated animals. Their lives’ work revolves around, as their name suggests, giving these poor pets ‘a second chance’. Far too many animals are thrown out like trash each and every day. Sadly, the demand for […]

  • Pit Bull

    Meet Kiah – The NYPD’s First Ever Pit Bull Police Dog!

    This is Kiah. She’s the newest recruit to Poughkeepsie Police Department. The New York mutt is flying through her training and ‘graduates’ as a police dog this week. And there’s no one prouder of her than her handler, who always knew she could make the grade. She’s not the biggest pit bull terrier but she […]