“Cash Me Outside” Girl Goes Crazy At Dr Phil’s Assistant For Ruining Her Life


The “Cash Me Outside” girl is the internet’s newest meme. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Okay, a bit of context for you:

Back in September, 2016, 13-year-old Danielle appeared on the Dr Phil Show. Danielle is a bit of a tearaway. She enjoys things like stealing cars and getting into physical fights, and her mother was at her wits end. Danielle’s accent is, let’s say unique, and the Dr Phil audience, not known for its restraint, began to laugh at her. Danielle gets more and more exasperated, and starts to lash out at audience members. It is at this point that the girl utters the now ubiquitous phrase:

“Cash me outside, how bow dah.”

Or, “catch me outside, how about that.” As I said, this is now a hugely popular meme, and can be found all over the likes of Reddit or Twitter.

And now, footage has emerged of Danielle calling one of the producers of the Dr Phil show. She believes that the program painted her and her mother in a bad light, and that their appearance has ruined her life. And if you think she went crazy in the original program, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Watch the video below!