Meet The Women That Took Bodybuilding To The EXTREME…


Bodybuilding is quite a strange thing, isn’t it? We understand the obsession a lot of people have with getting fit and sporting achievements. But when it comes to actual bodybuilding? It’s weird. Bulk and size isn’t really necessary for sheer strength. The world’s best weightlifters and strongest men are usually big ol’ barrels, not veiny, muscly types. So what’s the appeal of bodybuilding exactly?

You have to imagine it’s a vanity or image thing. We’re not knocking it. Providing people keep safe and don’t hurt anyone else, they’re free to do whatever they want to do. But while most of us think of huge Arnie-type guys when we consider it, female bodybuilders exist too.

Most of them are more than capable of managing their hobby or lifestyle in such a way that it doesn’t have too much of an impact of the rest of their lives. But some female bodybuilding types take it far too far. And it’s those sorts we’re interested in here…


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