Famous Soccer Manager Schools Roger Federer With EPIC Trick Shot!


We’re well and truly into tennis season now. It’s all over sports TV and in sports pullouts of all of the newspapers. And while Novak Djokovic might well be the best male player in the world at the moment, there’s no denying that Roger Federer has dominated the sport for easily the last decade and more. The Swiss star has been so good for so long that you just can’t imagine anyone thrashing him or making him look silly on the court.

But if it’s going to happen, surely it’s going to be Djokovic that shows him up, right? Or Andy Murray? Or Rafa Nadal? You can’t imagine ever seeing a non-tennis pro get the better of the great man, can you? Well, be prepared to be surprised!

Bayern Munich manager – and former Barcelona boss – Pep Guardiola can be seen here knocking a ball about with Roger. Until Roger lobs him and he misses his forearm. A point to Federer, surely? Well, just wait…