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    This Man’s Rare Condition Makes It Look Like He Is Turning Into A Werewolf

    A Chinese man nicknamed ‘Chimp’ has undergone the first of a series of procedures to remove the thick fur that covers large parts of his body. Zhang Hongming, from Chongqing, south-west China, was born with a massive furred mole across his back, torso and arm.Furry Mole 1

    “The fur was a nightmare for me since I was born,” said Zhang. “Each time I see people whisper around me, I would run away.” He revealed that he has been subjected to vicious abuse, being called ‘monkey’, ‘beast’ and ‘chimp’ among other things.

    Furry Mole 2

    After hearing his story, Hua Mei Plastic Surgery Hospital, in Hongming’s hometown of Chongqing, has agreed to provide free treatment to Zhang. He has now undergone the first of six procedures to remove the hair and moles.

    Furry Mole 3

    Zhang had not previously considered treatment for his condition as he knew that his family could not afford the costly procedure.

    Furry Mole 4

    Hongming will have five more procedures to completely remove the furred moles. However, he has begun to see improvement even after just one!

    Furry Mole 5

    We hope that the rest of Zhang’s treatment is a success.


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