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    Ex-Subway Pervert Jared Fogle ‘Beaten And Bloodied’ After Prison Yard Attack

    He used to be everywhere, Jared Fogle. At one point, the former Subway frontman was all over the place – in Subway shops, on billboards, on TV… always explaining how he’d lost weight with a certain type of hoagie. But now he’s only in one place only – JAIL.

    Englewood Prison in Colorado, to be precise. And he will be for the next fifteen years. Unless he’s moved for his own safety and that’s a real possibility. Only his fellow inmates haven’t taken kindly to his arrival. He’s regularly taunted with cries of ‘Chomo!‘ (short for ‘child molester’) and he’s recently been pretty severely beaten up.

    A prisoner called Steven Nigg – who’s inside on a weapons charge – jumped Fogle in the prison yard recently and, with Fogle refuses to fight back, the beating was bad. He was left with extreme facial bruising and lacerations. Guards describe his general appearance afterwards as ‘bloodied’.

    This isn’t the only brutal jail attack on a famous inmate we’ve heard about recently. The Aurora shooter James Holmes got viciously assaulted recently too.

    It’s gonna be a tough fifteen years for everyone’s least favorite former Subway endorsing pedophile. Especially if Big Bubba take a shine to him in the showers and he drops the soap…


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