She Cuts Into Her Bra With Scissors. The Reason Why? GENIUS!


Ray Lee is an American vlogger who spends half her life coming up with great tips, tricks and life hacks. And the other half sharing them with people across the world. Beauty, food, fashion, she deals with it all. But it’s her bra-based tips which have got everyone’s attention recently.

In this video, Ray shows us all the ultimate bra hack – the DIY backless bra. Now, most women wear bras on a day-to-day basis and the elasticated back isn’t a problem. But when an evening dress comes into play, it’s different. No lady wants a visible bra from behind. But backless bra’s are expensive. And you might only wear them for one night. So why not make your own?!

Well, Ray Lee can show you exactly how to do it.

Backless Bra

You’re intrigued now, right? Right. Well, we love this – we think it’s an awesome idea. You only really need a pair of scissors, some pins and a needle and thread. Oh, and a bra…

Check it out: