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    Sperm Of A Black Man Given To Neo Nazi Couple By Mistake

    TV news station WPXD-TV are reporting that an Ohio woman is planning to erect and burn a cross on the grounds of a Chicago sperm bank after claiming that she was inseminated with sperm from a black man, despite ordering a vial from a white donor. The biggest issue? The woman and her partner of the time are neo Nazi white supremacists.

    Molly Cram claims that her now two year-old daughter, Watermelon, has caused severe issues and problems with her beliefs, friends and local area. “The neo-Nazi community don’t want me now. My daughter’s a disgusting little half-breed with baboon lips and she’s going to hell cause she ain’t pure. But part of me still loves that little half-human, cause she’s mine and all, but this ain’t good.”

    Neo Nazi Black Baby

    When her boyfriend, John Steelhammer, found out what had happened, he left Cram. He says this of the incident:

    “I love Molly even though she’s now, y’know, technically, a n**ger lover and all. But you know how stupid I look in all this? I didn’t want to tell my white brothers I was shooting blanks, so now they think my girl was cheating around on me with a spear chucker. My life is really stressful right now.”

    Back In April 2012, Molly visited the sperm bank and was inseminated with a sample from ‘Donor No. 330’, who is an African-American man. However, the couple had selected ‘Donor No. 380’, a tall blond white man. The sperm bank did later realized their mistake and send the couple a formal letter of apology and refunded her payment. But Cram is convinced that the mix-up was purely intentional.

    “I know that damn bank giving me a black sperm was a secret plot devised in order to embarrass the white race. I know that. But these milk duds are going to feel the force of white power, you know what I’m saying? I’m burning a cross and that’s just the start of it, man. Hail Hitler!”


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