Thursday, September 16, 2021

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A Woman Accidentally Farts At The Dinner Table… But She Never Thought THIS Would Happen Next!

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A young woman goes to Thanksgiving dinner at her new boyfriend’s parents’ house. All the family are there. It’s her very first time at the house, meeting all the family so she is – understandably -extremely nervous about it all. They get the greetings out the way, all sit down at the table and begin eating what turns out to be a truly exquisite meal.

Soon enough, though – the woman begins to feel a little discomfort, It’s probably due to the butterflies in her stomach (well, that and the broccoli casserole!). The stomach cramps and gas pains are really quite painful. She’s paranoid about using the bathroom,so decides to try and let out a sneaky little fart…

It wasn’t loud, thankfully. But the noise was still audible. And it was unmistakable. The girl was horrified. But just as she began to turn red, her new father-in-law, in a stern voice, looked at the family dog and yelled… “Skippy!”


“WOW!” She thought. “I got away with that…” She decided – as her stomach still hurt to try another one. Again it wasn’t a rasper, but it was definitely heard. But – again – dad chimed in and shouted “Skippy!”

Now, she was relaxed. As the desserts were laid at the table, confident she could get away with it again, she let out a big one this time. It sounded like a train approaching!

Yet again, the dad looks at the dog and shouts. This time it’s this, though: “Damn it Skippy, get away from that girl, before she craps on you!”

Embarrassing or what?! We seriously doubt this woman will be joining her new family for Christmas…!

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