What This 10 Year-Old Kid Can Do With a Guitar Is Beyond Amazing! WOW!


10 year-old Toby Lee is a bit of a guitar whizz. Well, actually, ‘a bit of a guitar whizz’ is to do him a disservice. For a young boy of his age to be able to play the blues in the way he does is just crazy. We’re used to seeing the blues coming from wizened ol’ black dudes in beat-up hats, chain-smoking and drinking rye whisky in bars. Not pre-teens in toger onesies!

Toby’s talent knows no age boundaries, though. In this video, we see him giving a very personal tribute to the late BB King with an instrumental version of his classic blues-rock number, ‘The Thrill Is Gone’.

If this is how good Toby Lee is now, just imagine what he’ll be like in a few years… Incredible.