These Toddlers Are About To Have The Cutest Bust Up EVER!


It’s amazing what kids will argue about. Things that most of us adults would deem as trivial, to kids, it’s a BIG DEAL. Well, they haven’t got important things to worry about, have they? Take these kids here. They’re having a bit of a set to and by the looks on their faces, it’s really serious.

So, it would appear that it’s raining outside. This must mean that they can’t go outside and play, as they’ve decided to pass the time having an argument about the weather instead. One kid says it’s raining. The other says it’s sprinkling. But who’s right? They soon get their moms involved. ‘My mom say’s it’s raining.’ ‘But MY mom says it’s sprinkling…’ 

It soon starts to get heated. The little girl almost pokes the poor boy in the eye. THAT’S how seriously she takes the rain. And of course, women are always right. Fortunately, her sister soon acts as a mediator and tells her to apologize. But the little girl takes things up a notch again and hits the boy right in the chest. Cue the cutest response ever to a minor beating up. ‘You poked my heart.’ Aren’t kids adorable?

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