Biggest Remote Controlled Airplane In The World… It’s SPECTACULAR!


We’re about to see the world’s biggest remote control airplane. It’s a total beast. It’s a Boeing 747-400 and it’s been tricked out and painted to look like one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic fleet. This thing really is a giant. It’s got a wingspan of almost five metres (16.24ft) and it’s over five metres (17.81ft) long…

The video you’re about to see was shot in Germany and the man piloted the plane is one Rainer Kamitz. The mammoth remote controlled flying beast is a 1:13 scale, it really is huge.

It may be enormous but the thing is capable of doing repeated loop the loops, which is impressive considering the sheer bulk of it. It’s being showcased at Airlinertreffen 2015 in Germany in this clip. Check it out!