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    Make Your Very Own DIY Swimming Pool With 9 Old Wooden Pallets!

    Summer’s well and truly upon us and there are very few pleasures in life more enjoyable that kicking back in a swimming pool in the heat and slurping on a nice refreshing beverage. But not all of us have the budget or space for a proper swimming pool. And inflatable ones only last a short while, don’t they? If only there was an alternative…

    Well, what do you know?! There is! We’ve got a great photo set from a cleverclogs who’s made their very own DIY pool using some old discarded wooden pallets. Just nine of them, in fact. This is pretty smart. We cant’ wait to try this out!

    Ready? Okay, now – get your pallets out and ready. Clean and sand them down first.

    Pallets 1

    Fix all nine together nice and tight…

    Pallets 2

    Now to plug the gaps and make the structure is waterproof.

    Pallets 3

    Next the plastic inner sheeting goes in.

    Pallets 4

    Now you’ll need to do a little aesthetic work and tidy things up. Some bamboo cane or rushes or splintered wood fixed to the outer sides should do the trick.

    Pallets 5

    The finished article. Pretty cool, huh?!

    Pallets 6

    And it looks great from afar too. Your neighbors will be jealous!

    Pallets 7


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