A Baby Is Left To Die In A Trash Heap… Until This Dog Does Something INCREDIBLE!


In Thailand, a dog named Pui, was out patrolling the streets as normal, minding his own business. On this particular day, Pui decided to have a wander near the local dump. With all of those different smells, who knows what thrown away treats he could find? But Pui caught a whiff of something he hadn’t smelled before…

Pui decided to investigate the smell, discovering that whatever it was, was hidden inside a small white plastic bag. He began to paw at the bag and made an unbelievable discovery. Pui knew what he needed to do next. He picked the bag up gently and took it back to his home. When he arrived, his owner’s niece saw Pui barking on the porch and decided to see what he was guarding so closely.

Inside the bag was a tiny new born baby, umbilical cord still attached. The baby was rushed to hospital in a worrying condition. Fortunately, the brilliant doctors were able to save the baby. But who knows what could have happened if Pui had not found her? For his efforts, Pui was declared a local hero and given a special leather collar as a reward. What a super dog!

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