When This Man Asks A Homeless Man For Help You Won’t Believe His Response


This man’s daughter was missing. You can only imagine how upset and worried he must have been. Parents go to any lengths to find their missing children, so this guy asked everyone in the vicinity whether they had seen his young daughter. One of these people turned out to be this homeless guy. Unfortunately he hadn’t seen the girl. Ordinarily, this exchange would have ended here, but not on this occasion…

The homeless man went after the father and asked whether he could have the paper with her details on, promising to give him a call if he saw her or heard any information. This, in its self, is an amazing act of kindness. But the homeless man went one step further.

Instead of holding up his cardboard sign asking for change, he held up a sign asking for information about the missing girl. He held up the sign ALL DAY. He sacrificed getting any assistance for his own predicament, just to help this little girl get found. How amazing is that? The dad went back later and saw the guy with his sign. When he asked the homeless guy why he did such a kind thing, he replied, ‘helping someone instead of receiving is the ultimate reward.’

The dad went on to tell the homeless man that this had, in fact, been a social experiment. He had asked other people to help that same day, but no one had acted as selflessly as this man. Just goes to show that kindness does exist. Maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

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