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This Amazing Water Slide Turns You Into a Human Torpedo!


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It’s Summer. It’s hot outside. What’s one of the best activities to do in this situation? Never mind chilling out in your yard with a good book. Add some excitement to your life and go to a water park! Shooting yourself down a big slide into a pool of water can be really exhilarating. Some of the best slides can almost feel like you’re on a roller coaster.

Of course, you don’t always have to go to a proper water park. A lot of people have got really good at making up their own slides. Starting off with small slip n’ slides in their back yard to full blown slides in lakes and even in the ocean. Making these slides takes a heck of a lot of preparation. You can’t just set these things up without any research. Making a really good water slide actually takes a lot of knowledge of physics.

Check out this slide. These dudes have figured out a way of making the rider skim right across the water at the end. Just like when you skim stones across a pond. That takes an impressive amount of working out. This girl looks like she’s having a great time. Well, at least we think she is. We don’t see hear what she screams after crashing into that big net at the end!


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