Husky Is Extremely Mad At Cats. When You See WHY? OMG This Is HYSTERICAL!


This is Mishka the husky. Mishka shot to fame a few years ago when a video of her saying “I love you!” went viral. Since then, she has gained quite a fanbase online, and her owners regularly upload videos of her antics to keep them entertained. And the latest is absolutely hysterical!

Mishka is cross about the fact that cats are known as the true rulers of the internet, and she’ll tell anyone who will listen. In the video, we see her pouring out a diatribe about how much she hates cats and how dogs are far superior! Even her poor mate Laika is dragged into things as well! The rant is simply side-splittingly funny.

Here’s to Mishka, the angry, and vocal, husky!