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    Miley Cyrus Takes On This Christmas Song And Just SMASHES It!

    Everyone’s talking about just one television show at the moment. Bill Murray’s “A Very Murray Christmas”. It was just released on Netflix and it’s well worth a watch. A Christmas special in the old tradition, it’s got a little bit of everything. It has an amazing all-star celebrity-studded cast featuring such luminaries as George Clooney, Chris Rock and Amy Poehler.

    But it’s an appearance by the controversial figure of pop star Miley Cyrus that really stands out and makes the festive special really worth watching. The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus belts out a spectacular version of Silent Night that needs to be heard to be believed!

    She’s not just a writhing sack of newspaper and magazine headlines, you know. Underneath all the silliness and showing off, there’s actually a real star underneath. And one who can really sing. It’s well worth a watch, this. It will really get you into the Christmas spirit!


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